Terms and Conditions

1. Sale of service

MKP Nordic agrees that on paying the fee mentioned the participant has a place allocated to attend the event ordered.

2. Taxes

MKP Nordic is responsible for any income- and VAT taxes that may occur. The participant is attending as a private person and is therefore responsible for any taxes prior to the payment.

3. Delivery

The participant is entitled to attend the event paid for. If the event is on any specific date MKP Nordic ensure that the event will be implemented with content as described. 

It is up to the participant to arrive, or log in, at the correct date and time. MKP Nordic will take no responsibilities for late or missed arrivals.

4. Sellers representations

MKP Nordic guarantees that the content of the event is as described in the invitation, and that MKP Nordic has the permission to use all material associated with conducting the event. 

MKP Nordic expressly disclaim any representation claims or warranties concerning the value, condition and functionality of the content for any particular purpose, and the participant will have no recourse against MKP Nordic. 

5. Govern law

This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Sweden. 

6. Disputes

Any dispute arising from this agreement shall be resolved through mediation. If the dispute cannot be resolved through mediation, then the dispute will be resolved through the Swedish Court System.

7. Counterparts 

MKP Nordic and the participant are the counterparts in this agreement as soon as the participant has paid any or all fees attached to the booked event. 

8. Refund policy 

Participants are allowed a full refund when giving notice 30 or more days before the date of the event.

If a participant gives notice that he will not attend the event fewer than 30 days before the event, he will only be refunded if there is a queue of participants to take his place; or by presenting a medical certificate.

9. Miscellaneous