Imagine a Circle of Men

Imagine a circle of men, a circle of brothers, where everyone listens not only to what you say, but also to the truth beneath your words. Everyone is in tune with your voice, your emotions, your energy ― everyone is intent on receiving everything you communicate; where everyone listens to hear the very best in you, even when you can’t hear it in yourself.

Imagine a circle which will remind you of your commitments so you can hold yourself accountable and keep you moving forward toward your aspirations and goals.

Imagine a circle of men who are deeply curious about what it is that makes you tick, what you value, what you are most passionate about in your life; a circle that will help clarify your vision and provide tools for action and learning that lead you to the life you want.

Imagine a circle of men who absolutely tell you the whole truth about where you are strong, and where you sell yourself short. Where men know you’re capable of more than you believe, and they know what you want.

Imagine breaking free of limiting beliefs that sabotage you, having the powerful part of you called forth with a new set of beliefs. Imagine a circle where you can experience and develop a new leader within you. A place that is safe to be who you really want to be.

This is how a ManKind Project men’s group works. Are you ready?

Men’s Groups

Do you already have a MKP men’s group and want to get on this list?

Do you want to start a new group and want to get on this list to tell other men that you are interested to start up?

Do you seek for support in starting a new men’s group?

Contact: Fredrik Christensson,
Mike Holdstock,

Virtual Men’s Groups

Want to start a new virtual iGroup?

Contact: Mike Holdstock,

Group 1 (Stockholm) Contact: Frederic Loiret,

Virtual Nordics Contact: Mark Thorpe

Men’s Groups in Sweden and Norway

We have men’s groups in Sweden and Norway, the list below is sorted by town.


Contact: Stefan Emanuelsson,


Mannabränne, Höör

Contact 1: Staffan Sjöstedt,
Contact 2: Fredrik Christensson,


Män i Väst, Göteborg

Contact: Jesper Andén,



Contact: Mike Holdstock,



Contact 1: Andreas Geitz,
Contact 2: Navid Modiri,
Contact 3: Kasper Stanek,



Krister Hervén,


Oslo (not active but want to start up again)

Contact: Craig Malpass,



Contact 1: Tomasz Halkiewicz,
Contact 2: Gabriel Andersson,


Umeå (not active but want to start up)

Contact: Kalle Grill,



Contact: Fredrik Ampler,